Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wholefoods aka Vegan Mothership!

Sorry I have been m.i.a for a bit. Mi Madre was in the hospital. She's much better now!

Today I went for my monthly/bi-monthly shopping trip to Whole Foods! I never liked grocery shopping until I became a vegan. The only thing I hate is how expensive healthy foods are. Really pisses me off. It also keeps me from trying a lot of stuff. Bastards. Maybe one day I'll have money. 

I can usually get most of my staples at Krogers because Whole Foods is 30-45 minutes away :o( So, this makes my trip to Wholefoods that much more exciting, because I only get items I cannot get anywhere else and new items to try (price pending)! 

This time I will be trying asparagus, kale, and chia seeds. Now, I've eaten asparagus in stir-fry and soups but not any other way. I'd like to find a nice recipe or just grill it with some olive oil and spices. I've never had kale but I hear if you bake them they're like potato chips! So we shall see! Then, chia seeds are supposed to be the best thing ever. Apparently, the chia seed is an excellent source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, full of protein, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and the richest known plant source of omega-3. You just sprinkle a tablespoon in drinks or food, and wallah! It doesn't taste like anything, so no worries about what you can add it to. I added mine to yogurt and fruit.  

Here's what I had for lunch, using some of the items I purchased! 

Tempeh Pita

Pita bread
Half package of cooked Wild Rice Tempeh (Love this kind)
Vegan Gourmet Cheese (only vegan cheese I eat)

Fruit and Yogurt with Chia Seeds

1 container of plain Whole Soy & Co yogurt
Fresh organic strawberries
1 T of Chia Seeds

*Sorry my pictures suck!


Anthony G said...

Good gosh that looks really tasty!

Jessica said...

It is! :o)