Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freezeing Tomatoes?! Whaaattt???!!!

Earlier this week I tried freezing tomatoes for the first time! I didn't think it could be done. I mean, have you ever seen frozen tomatoes in the store?! I think not! 

This past year I decided I wanted to learn how to can, after reading about how bad canned tomatoes are.  Plus, it is just healthier and I plan to have my own garden one day. Being I have the summer off, I had plenty of time to do whatever I wanted. My days consisted of walking many miles on the greenway, doing light yard work, house/animal/baby sitting, trying new recipes, etc. 

I then remembered that our neighbor, Mrs. Bobbie, cans! I walked myself over and asked her if she'd teach me how to can and she said yes! I was extremely happy! She taught me how to can pickles, green beans, and tomatoes. I do not have the equipment to can yet, so no can goods for me this year. :o(  They do however, share with us vegetables from their garden! 

This is where freezing tomatoes come in. My Mom had mentioned that we could freeze tomatoes. I told her I had never heard of such a thing. Especially when you get store tomatoes and they're nasty because they had been frozen. She said "according to online" you can! I said ehhh...I don't know. -Sorry for doubting you Mom and the wonderful Internet- Then, my friend Melissa sent me a message talking about helping her parents in their garden and freezing tomatoes. I ask her to please share the "know-how" on how one goes about doing such a thing. And now I will share my knowledge with you peeps, just in case you didn't know already. The only thing I am skeptical about is when it comes time to use the tomatoes. I can picture me now with a screw driver and a hammer trying to pry apart the tomatoes! ha ha Seriously though! We shall see!  

So here they are! According to Melissa you are to....

~Freezing tomatoes~
1. Wash tomato
2. Barely slice into the bottom flesh of each tomato with a knife.
3. Place in a pot of hot water cooking on the stove. Keep in hot water for approx 1-2 min. If I see the skin is splitting up the side, I will go ahead and remove the tomato from the water.
4. Place tomato in cold water and the skin will fall off with very little prodding! Core the top out, cut in quarters or however you like and place in a freezer bag

However, I did not follow her directions exactly. I just peeled the tomatoes over a bowl and put them in a bag. This is how Mrs. Bobbie taught me to can tomatoes. Wash, peel, cut, shove in jar! 
Do whatever floats your boat!

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